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Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
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|\CObjectBasic object for Galeri/pfem
||oCObjectBasic class for all Galeri/pfem objects
||\CWorkspaceFunction class containing a few static methods and constants, to be used as workspace tools
||oCAbstractGridAbstract interface to access finite element grids
||oCAbstractProblemAbstract interface to define linear problems
||oCAbstractQuadratureInterfaces for quadrature over elements
||oCAbstractVariationalPure virtual class that defines the variational form
||oCGalerkinVariationalDefines a pure Galerkin variational form of a scalar PDE
||oCHexCubeGridCreates a grid composed by hexahedra in a cube
||oCHexQuadratureQuadrature formula on hexahedra
||oCLinearProblemBasic implementation of scalar finite element problem
||oCQuadQuadratureQuadrature formula on quadrilaterals
||oCQuadRectangleGridCreates a grid with quadrilaterals on a rectangle
||oCSUPGVariationalSUPG discretization of an advection-diffusion PDE
||oCTetCubeGridCreates a grid with tetrahedral elements in a cube
||oCTetQuadratureQuadrature formula on tetrahedra
||oCTriangleQuadratureQuadrature formula on triangles
||\CTriangleRectangleGridCreates a grid composed by triangles, the domain is a rectangle
||oCElementBasic class for grid elements
||oCHexClass for grid hexahedra
||oCLoadableA flexible grid data structure container for distributed problems
||oCPointClass for grid points
||oCQuadClass for grid quadrilaterals
||oCSegmentClass for grid segments
||oCTetClass for grid tetrahedra
||\CTriangleClass for grid triangles
\CGaleri_FileGridReads a grid from file, in Galeri format