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Galeri::quadrature::Element Class Referenceabstract
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Public Member Functions

virtual ~Element ()
double & operator() (const int i, const int j)
const double & operator() (const int i, const int j) const
virtual void computeJacobian (const int quadrNode) const =0
void computeQuadrNodes (const int ii, double &xq, double &yq, double &zq) const
void computeDerivatives (const int quadrNode) const
double getQuadrWeight (const int quadrNode) const
double getDetJacobian (const int quadrNode) const
double getPhi (const int i) const
double getPhiX (const int i) const
double getPhiY (const int i) const
double getPhiZ (const int i) const
int getNumQuadrNodes () const
int getNumBasisFunctions () const
virtual void print (ostream &os) const
 Prints Object to the specified output stream. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from Galeri::core::Object
 Object (const std::string &Label="Galeri::core::Object", const int ID=0)
 Object (const Object &rhs)
 Copy constructor.
Objectoperator= (const Object &rhs)
 Copies the object from rhs.
virtual ~Object ()
 Virtual dtor.
virtual void setLabel (const std::string &label)
 Sets the label associated with this object. More...
virtual std::string getLabel () const
 Gets the label associated with this object.
virtual void setID (const int &ID)
 Sets the ID associated with this object.
virtual int getID () const
 Gets the ID associated with this object.

Protected Attributes

int numQuadrNodes_
int numLocalNodes_
int numBasisFunctions_
double det_J_
Epetra_SerialDenseMatrix J_
Epetra_SerialDenseMatrix basis_rs_
Epetra_SerialDenseMatrix basis_dr_
Epetra_SerialDenseMatrix basis_ds_
Epetra_SerialDenseMatrix basis_dt_
Epetra_SerialDenseVector basis_xy_
Epetra_SerialDenseVector basis_dx_
Epetra_SerialDenseVector basis_dy_
Epetra_SerialDenseVector basis_dz_
Epetra_SerialDenseVector basis_rs_temp_
Epetra_SerialDenseVector basis_dr_temp_
Epetra_SerialDenseVector basis_ds_temp_
Epetra_SerialDenseVector basis_dt_temp_
Epetra_SerialDenseVector weight_
Epetra_SerialDenseVector qr_
Epetra_SerialDenseVector qs_
Epetra_SerialDenseVector qt_
Epetra_SerialDenseMatrix coord_
int ID_

Member Function Documentation

virtual void Galeri::quadrature::Element::print ( ostream &  os) const

Prints Object to the specified output stream.

Other Methods

To be customized by derived classes. Operator << uses this method. Default implementation prints the object label to os.

Reimplemented from Galeri::core::Object.

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