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Introduction to Galeri

The Galeri package is a small Trilinos package, based on Epetra and Teuchos, whose aim is to easily generate Epetra_Map, Epetra_CrsMatrix and Epetra_VbrMatrix objects. Galeri offers a set of functionalities that are very close to that of the MATLAB's gallery() function. Several well know finite difference matrices can be created. Also, Galeri contains a simple finite element code that can be used to discretize scalar second order elliptic problems using Galerkin and SUPG techniques, on both 2D and 3D unstructured grids.

The main functionalities of this package are:

See also the Copyright, the latest version of the README and ChangeLog files.

There is also galeri browser documentation that allows one to browse through all code and directories in the galeri package.