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DIDASKO : Tutorial for Trilinos

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DIDASKO, the tutorial of Trilinos, offers a quick overview of Trilinos. The reader can find a variety of examples on several Trilinos packages. Each example is documented with comments and suggestions, some in the source file itself, and some others in the PDF document. The PDF version of the tutorial can be found in the Trilinos web page.

Usually, a Trilinos package interoperates with other Trilinos packages (and with external packages as well). To be used efficiently, the examples of DIDASKO would require the following compilation flags:

--enable-epetra --enable-aztecoo --enable-amesos --enable-anasazi \
--enable-ifpack --enable-ml --enable-nox --enable-teuchos \

Most of the required packages are enabled by default. No example can effectively run without Epetra, and most require AztecOO and Triutils (this latter to generate the linear system matrix).

All the Didasko examples include, as first header file, the file

#include "Didasko_ConfigDefs.h"

Then, the code checks for installed libraries, like for instance


In the following, we report the source code of each of the examples. Packages are reported in alphabetical order.


Anasazi Examples

Epetra Examples

EpetraExt Examples

AztecOO Examples

IFPACK Examples

ML Examples

NOX Examples

Teuchos Examples

Triutils Examples