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Teuchos::StackedTimer::OutputOptions Struct Reference

#include <Teuchos_StackedTimer.hpp>

Detailed Description

Struct for controlling output options like histograms

output_fractionPrint the timer fractions within a level.
output_total_updatesPrint the updates counter.
output_historgramPrint the histogram.
output_minmaxPrint the min max and standard deviation across MPI processes.
num_histogramThe number of equally size bickets to use in the histogram.
max_levelThe number of levels in the stacked timer to print (default prints all levels).
print_warningsPrint any relevant warnings on stacked timer use.
align_columnsOutput will align the columsn of stacked timer data.
print_names_before_valuesIf set to true, writes the timer names before values.
drop_timeIf a timer has a total time less that this value, the timer will not be printed and the total time of that timer will be added to the Remainder. Useful for ignoring negligible timers. Default is -1.0 to force printing of all timers even if they have zero accumulated time.

Definition at line 673 of file Teuchos_StackedTimer.hpp.

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