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Here is a list of all modules:
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oDeprecated Teuchos Code
oUnit Testing Support
|oUnit Testing Definition Macros
|\Unit Testing Assert Macros
oTeuchos Outputting Utilities
oTeuchos Language Support Utilities
|oTemplate classes for testing assertions at compile time.
|\Utility code for throwing exceptions and setting breakpoints.
oTeuchos Memory Management Utilities
|oConversion utilities for going between Teuchos::RCP and boost::shared_ptr.
|oConversion utilities for going between Teuchos::RCP and std::shared_ptr.
|\Set of utilities for allocating temporary workspace.The goal of this set of utilities is to allow the user to create arrays of uninitialized or default initialized objects as automatic variables on the stack to be used for temporary workspace without requiring expensive calls opeator new or operator delete
oTeuchos Testing Utilities
oEnumerations for character inputs in Teuchos::BLAS methodsThese enumerated lists are used in compile time checking of the input characters for BLAS methods
\Floating Point Trapping Support Code