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TriKota::MPDirectApplicInterface Class Reference

Adapter class that transates from a Trilinos interface to a Dakota interface. More...

#include <TriKota_MPDirectApplicInterface.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

 MPDirectApplicInterface (Dakota::ProblemDescDB &problem_db_, const Teuchos::RCP< Piro::Epetra::StokhosMPSolver > &model_, int p_index=0, int g_index=0)
 Constructor for multi-point evaluation.

Protected Member Functions

int derived_map_ac (const Dakota::String &ac_name)
 Virtual function redefinition from Dakota::DirectApplicInterface.
void derived_map_asynch (const Dakota::ParamResponsePair &pair)
 Virtual function redefinition from Dakota::DirectApplicInterface.
void wait_local_evaluations (Dakota::PRPQueue &prp_queue)
 Virtual function redefinition from Dakota::DirectApplicInterface. More...
void test_local_evaluations (Dakota::PRPQueue &prp_queue)
void check_configuration (int max_iterator_concurrency)
void set_communicators_checks (int max_iterator_concurrency)

Detailed Description

Adapter class that transates from a Trilinos interface to a Dakota interface.

This differs from the main TriKota interface in that it wraps multipe evaluations into a single multi-point evaluation.

Member Function Documentation

void TriKota::MPDirectApplicInterface::wait_local_evaluations ( Dakota::PRPQueue &  prp_queue)

Virtual function redefinition from Dakota::DirectApplicInterface.

evaluate the batch of jobs contained in prp_queue

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