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File List
Here is a list of all documented files with brief descriptions:
o*azk_create_linsys.cCreation routines for building Komplex systems
o*azk_create_matrix.cCreation routines for building Komplex matrices
o*azk_create_precon.cCreation routines for constructing a preconditioner for a Komplex matrix
o*azk_create_vector.cCreation routines for building Komplex vectors
o*azk_destroy_linsys.cDestruction routine for deleting Komplex systems
o*azk_destroy_matrix.cDestruction routine for deleting Komplex matrices
o*azk_destroy_precon.cDestruction routine for deleting a preconditioner for a Komplex matrix
o*azk_destroy_vector.cDestruction routine for deleting Komplex vectors
o*azk_extract_solution.cExtraction routine for getting the solution of a Komplex system
o*azk_komplex.hInclude file for Aztec Komplex Library
o*azk_permute_ri.cPermutation routine that checks real and imaginary parts and swaps if needed for better numerical stability
\*Komplex_DataAccess.hppKomplex_DataAccess Mode enumerable type