Ifpack2 Templated Preconditioning Package  Version 1.0
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oNDeprecatedAndMayDisappearAtAnyTimeIfpack2 features that have been DEPRECATED and may DISAPPEAR AT ANY TIME. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK
oNIfpack2Preconditioners and smoothers for Tpetra sparse matrices
|||\CScaledDampedResidualVectorFunctorFunctor for computing W := alpha * D * (B - A*X) + beta * W
||oCStridedRowViewStructure for read-only views of general matrix rows
||oCAmesos2WrapperWrapper class for direct solvers in Amesos2
||oCCanChangeMatrixMix-in interface for preconditioners that can change their matrix after construction
||oCChebyshevLeft-scaled Chebyshev iteration
||oCDenseSolver"Preconditioner" that uses LAPACK's dense LU
||oCDenseSolver< MatrixType, false >Partial specialization for stub=false (the default)
||oCFastILU_BaseThe base class of the Ifpack2 FastILU wrappers (Filu, Fildl and Fic)
||oCFicThe Ifpack2 wrapper to the incomplete Chebyshev preconditioner of ShyLU FastILU
||oCFildlThe Ifpack2 wrapper to the ILDL preconditioner of ShyLU FastILU
||oCFiluThe Ifpack2 wrapper to the ILU preconditioner of ShyLU FastILU
||oCLapackSupportsScalarType traits class that says whether Teuchos::LAPACK has a valid implementation for the given ScalarType
||oCLinearSolverIfpack2's implementation of Trilinos::Details::LinearSolver interface
||oCLinearSolverFactoryInterface for a "factory" that creates Ifpack2 solvers
||oCMultiVectorLocalGatherScatterImplementation detail of Ifpack2::Container subclasses
||oCNestedPreconditionerMix-in interface for nested preconditioners
||oCOneLevelFactory"Factory" for creating single-level preconditioners
||oCOverlappingRowGraphSparse graph (Tpetra::RowGraph subclass) with ghost rows
||oCRowGraphAll Ifpack2 implementations of Tpetra::RowGraph must inherit from this class
||oCRowMatrixAll Ifpack2 implementations of Tpetra::RowMatrix must inherit from this class
||oCScaledDampedResidualCompute scaled damped residual for Chebyshev
||oCTriDiSolver"Preconditioner" that uses LAPACK's tridi LU
||oCTriDiSolver< MatrixType, false >Partial specialization for stub=false (the default)
||\CUserPartitionerPartition in which the user can define a nonoverlapping partition of the graph in any way they choose
||oCImplObjectForward declaration
||\CRBILUKILU(k) factorization of a given Tpetra::BlockCrsMatrix
|oCAdditiveSchwarzAdditive Schwarz domain decomposition for Tpetra sparse matrices
|oCBandedContainerStore and solve a local Banded linear problem
|oCBlockRelaxationBlock relaxation preconditioners (or smoothers) for Tpetra::RowMatrix and Tpetra::CrsMatrix sparse matrices
|oCBlockTriDiContainerStore and solve local block tridiagonal linear problems
|oCBlockTriDiContainer< MatrixType, BlockTriDiContainerDetails::ImplSimdTag >
||\CApplyParametersInput arguments to applyInverseJacobi
|oCBlockTriDiContainer< MatrixType, BlockTriDiContainerDetails::ImplNotAvailTag >
|oCBorderedOperatorIfpack2 bordered operator
|oCChebyshevDiagonally scaled Chebyshev iteration for Tpetra sparse matrices
|oCContainerInterface for creating and solving a set of local linear problems
|oCContainerImplThe implementation of the numerical features of Container (Jacobi, Gauss-Seidel, SGS). This class allows a custom scalar type (LocalScalarType) to be used for storing blocks and solving the block systems. Hiding this template parameter from the Container interface simplifies the BlockRelaxation and ContainerFactory classes
|oCContainerFactoryA static "factory" that provides a way to register and construct arbitrary Ifpack2::Container subclasses using string keys
|oCDenseContainerStore and solve a local dense linear problem
|oCDiagonalFilterIfpack2_DiagonalFilter: Filter to modify the diagonal entries of a given Tpetra_RowMatrix
|oCDropFilterFilter based on matrix entries
|oCFactory"Factory" for creating Ifpack2 preconditioners
|oCHiptmairWrapper for Hiptmair smoothers
|oCIdentitySolver"Identity" preconditioner
|oCIlukGraphConstruct a level filled graph for use in computing an ILU(k) incomplete factorization
|oCILUTILUT (incomplete LU factorization with threshold) of a Tpetra sparse matrix
|oCLinearPartitionerA class to define linear partitions
|oCLinePartitionerIfpack2::LinePartitioner: A class to define partitions into a set of lines
|oCLocalFilterAccess only local rows and columns of a sparse matrix
|oCLocalSparseTriangularSolver"Preconditioner" that solves local sparse triangular systems
|oCOverlapGraphConstruct an overlapped graph from a given nonoverlapping graph
|oCOverlappingPartitionerCreate overlapping partitions of a local graph
|oCOverlappingRowMatrixSparse matrix (Tpetra::RowMatrix subclass) with ghost rows
|oCPreconditionerInterface for all Ifpack2 preconditioners
|oCRelaxationRelaxation preconditioners for Tpetra::RowMatrix and Tpetra::CrsMatrix sparse matrices
|oCReorderFilterWraps a Tpetra::RowMatrix in a filter that reorders local rows and columns
|oCRILUKILU(k) factorization of a given Tpetra::RowMatrix
|oCSingletonFilterFilter based on matrix entries
|oCSparseContainerStore and solve a local sparse linear problem
|oCSparsityFilterDrop entries of a matrix, based on the sparsity pattern
|\CTriDiContainerStore and solve a local TriDi linear problem
|\CTypeNameTraits< ::Ifpack2::Container< MatrixType > >Partial specialization of TypeNameTraits for Ifpack2::Container