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Tpetra::Details::GetMasterLocalObject< LocalAccessType > Struct Template Reference

Mapping from LocalAccess to the "master" local object type. More...

#include <Tpetra_withLocalAccess.hpp>

Detailed Description

template<class LocalAccessType>
struct Tpetra::Details::GetMasterLocalObject< LocalAccessType >

Mapping from LocalAccess to the "master" local object type.

Template Parameters
LocalAccessTypeSpecialization of LocalAccess.

The latter gets the local data from a global object, and holds on to it until after the user's function (input to withLocalAccess) returns. "Holds on to it" is key: the master object owns (governs the lifetime of) any data accessible from any resulting nonowning local object (see GetNonowningLocalObject below).

Specializations require the following two public features:

Definition at line 127 of file Tpetra_withLocalAccess.hpp.

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