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Tpetra::project1st< Arg1, Arg2 > Class Template Reference

Binary function that returns its first argument. More...

#include <Tpetra_ConfigDefs.hpp>

Detailed Description

template<class Arg1, class Arg2>
class Tpetra::project1st< Arg1, Arg2 >

Binary function that returns its first argument.

Template Parameters
Arg1Type of the first argument, and type of the return value.
Arg2Type of the second argument. It may differ from the type of the first argument.

This function object might be defined in the std namespace; it is an SGI extension to the STL. We can't count on it living in the std namespace, but it's useful, so we define it here.

If you apply using namespace std; to the global namespace, and if your STL implementation includes project1st, it will cause collisions with this definition. We recommend for this and other reasons not to state using namespace std; in the global namespace.

Definition at line 153 of file Tpetra_ConfigDefs.hpp.

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