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Tempus_Unit_Test::StepperRKModifierXTest Class Reference

#include <Tempus_UnitTest_RK_Utils.hpp>

Inheritance diagram for Tempus_Unit_Test::StepperRKModifierXTest:
Tempus::StepperRKModifierXBase< double > Tempus::StepperRKAppAction< double >

Public Member Functions

 StepperRKModifierXTest ()
 Constructor. More...
virtual ~StepperRKModifierXTest ()
 Destructor. More...
virtual void modify (Teuchos::RCP< Thyra::VectorBase< double >> x, const double time, const double dt, const int stageNumber, const typename Tempus::StepperRKModifierXBase< double >::MODIFIER_TYPE modType)
 Observe RK Stepper at end of takeStep. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from Tempus::StepperRKModifierXBase< double >
virtual void modify (Teuchos::RCP< Thyra::VectorBase< double > >, const double, const double, const int, const MODIFIER_TYPE modType)=0
 Modify solution based on the MODIFIER_TYPE. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from Tempus::StepperRKAppAction< double >
 StepperRKAppAction ()
 Constructor. More...
virtual ~StepperRKAppAction ()
 Destructor. More...

Public Attributes

bool testX_BEGIN_STEP
bool testX_BEGIN_STAGE
bool testX_AFTER_SOLVE
bool testX_END_STEP
double testX
double testEndStageX
double testDt
double testTime
int testStageNumber
double testStageX

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from Tempus::StepperRKModifierXBase< double >
 Indicates the location of application action (see algorithm). More...
- Public Types inherited from Tempus::StepperRKAppAction< double >
 Indicates the location of application action (see algorithm). More...

Detailed Description

Definition at line 506 of file Tempus_UnitTest_RK_Utils.hpp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Tempus_Unit_Test::StepperRKModifierXTest::StepperRKModifierXTest ( )


Definition at line 510 of file Tempus_UnitTest_RK_Utils.hpp.

virtual Tempus_Unit_Test::StepperRKModifierXTest::~StepperRKModifierXTest ( )


Definition at line 528 of file Tempus_UnitTest_RK_Utils.hpp.

Member Function Documentation

virtual void Tempus_Unit_Test::StepperRKModifierXTest::modify ( Teuchos::RCP< Thyra::VectorBase< double >>  x,
const double  time,
const double  dt,
const int  stageNumber,
const typename Tempus::StepperRKModifierXBase< double >::MODIFIER_TYPE  modType 

Observe RK Stepper at end of takeStep.

Definition at line 531 of file Tempus_UnitTest_RK_Utils.hpp.

Member Data Documentation

bool Tempus_Unit_Test::StepperRKModifierXTest::testX_BEGIN_STEP

Definition at line 578 of file Tempus_UnitTest_RK_Utils.hpp.

bool Tempus_Unit_Test::StepperRKModifierXTest::testX_BEGIN_STAGE

Definition at line 579 of file Tempus_UnitTest_RK_Utils.hpp.

bool Tempus_Unit_Test::StepperRKModifierXTest::testX_BEFORE_SOLVE

Definition at line 580 of file Tempus_UnitTest_RK_Utils.hpp.

bool Tempus_Unit_Test::StepperRKModifierXTest::testX_AFTER_SOLVE

Definition at line 581 of file Tempus_UnitTest_RK_Utils.hpp.

bool Tempus_Unit_Test::StepperRKModifierXTest::testX_BEFORE_EXPLICIT_EVAL

Definition at line 582 of file Tempus_UnitTest_RK_Utils.hpp.

bool Tempus_Unit_Test::StepperRKModifierXTest::testXDOT_END_STAGE

Definition at line 583 of file Tempus_UnitTest_RK_Utils.hpp.

bool Tempus_Unit_Test::StepperRKModifierXTest::testX_END_STEP

Definition at line 584 of file Tempus_UnitTest_RK_Utils.hpp.

double Tempus_Unit_Test::StepperRKModifierXTest::testX

Definition at line 585 of file Tempus_UnitTest_RK_Utils.hpp.

double Tempus_Unit_Test::StepperRKModifierXTest::testEndStageX

Definition at line 586 of file Tempus_UnitTest_RK_Utils.hpp.

double Tempus_Unit_Test::StepperRKModifierXTest::testDt

Definition at line 587 of file Tempus_UnitTest_RK_Utils.hpp.

double Tempus_Unit_Test::StepperRKModifierXTest::testTime

Definition at line 588 of file Tempus_UnitTest_RK_Utils.hpp.

int Tempus_Unit_Test::StepperRKModifierXTest::testStageNumber

Definition at line 589 of file Tempus_UnitTest_RK_Utils.hpp.

double Tempus_Unit_Test::StepperRKModifierXTest::testStageX

Definition at line 590 of file Tempus_UnitTest_RK_Utils.hpp.

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