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1 // @HEADER
2 // *****************************************************************************
3 // Belos: Block Linear Solvers Package
4 //
5 // Copyright 2004-2016 NTESS and the Belos contributors.
6 // SPDX-License-Identifier: BSD-3-Clause
7 // *****************************************************************************
8 // @HEADER
13 // The GenericSolverFactory is different from the others because it is
14 // manually included and registers all the solvers on construction. It exists
15 // for cases which are not covered by the other solver types.
16 #include "BelosSolverFactory.hpp"
18 #include "BelosBiCGStabSolMgr.hpp"
19 #include "BelosBlockCGSolMgr.hpp"
22 #include "BelosGCRODRSolMgr.hpp"
23 #include "BelosLSQRSolMgr.hpp"
24 #include "BelosMinresSolMgr.hpp"
25 #include "BelosPCPGSolMgr.hpp"
29 #include "BelosRCGSolMgr.hpp"
30 #include "BelosTFQMRSolMgr.hpp"
32 namespace Belos {
34 template<class SC, class MV, class OP>
36 {
37  public:
39  Impl::registerSolverSubclassForTypes<BiCGStabSolMgr<SC,MV,OP>, SC, MV, OP> ("BICGSTAB");
40  Impl::registerSolverSubclassForTypes<BlockCGSolMgr<SC,MV,OP>, SC, MV, OP> ("BLOCK CG");
41  Impl::registerSolverSubclassForTypes<BlockGmresSolMgr<SC,MV,OP>, SC, MV, OP> ("BLOCK GMRES");
42  Impl::registerSolverSubclassForTypes<FixedPointSolMgr<SC,MV,OP>, SC, MV, OP> ("FIXED POINT");
43  Impl::registerSolverSubclassForTypes<GCRODRSolMgr<SC,MV,OP>, SC, MV, OP> ("GCRODR");
44  Impl::registerSolverSubclassForTypes<LSQRSolMgr<SC,MV,OP>, SC, MV, OP> ("LSQR");
45  Impl::registerSolverSubclassForTypes<MinresSolMgr<SC,MV,OP>, SC, MV, OP> ("MINRES");
46  Impl::registerSolverSubclassForTypes<PCPGSolMgr<SC,MV,OP>, SC, MV, OP> ("PCPG");
47  Impl::registerSolverSubclassForTypes<PseudoBlockCGSolMgr<SC,MV,OP>, SC, MV, OP> ("PSEUDOBLOCK CG");
48  Impl::registerSolverSubclassForTypes<PseudoBlockGmresSolMgr<SC,MV,OP>, SC, MV, OP> ("PSEUDOBLOCK GMRES");
49  Impl::registerSolverSubclassForTypes<PseudoBlockTFQMRSolMgr<SC,MV,OP>, SC, MV, OP> ("PSEUDOBLOCK TFQMR");
50  Impl::registerSolverSubclassForTypes<RCGSolMgr<SC,MV,OP>, SC, MV, OP> ("RCG");
51  Impl::registerSolverSubclassForTypes<TFQMRSolMgr<SC,MV,OP>, SC, MV, OP> ("TFQMR");
52  };
53 };
55 } // namespace Belos
Solver manager for the MINRES linear solver.
The Belos::PseudoBlockCGSolMgr provides a solver manager for the BlockCG linear solver.
The Belos::PseudoBlockTFQMRSolMgr provides a solver manager for the pseudo-block TFQMR linear solver...
The Belos::FixedPointSolMgr provides a solver manager for the FixedPoint linear solver.
Declaration and definition of Belos::PCPGSolMgr (PCPG iterative linear solver).
Declaration and definition of Belos::GCRODRSolMgr, which implements the GCRODR (recycling GMRES) solv...
The Belos::BlockGmresSolMgr provides a solver manager for the BlockGmres linear solver.
The Belos::BiCGStabSolMgr provides a solver manager for the BiCGStab linear solver.
The Belos::BlockCGSolMgr provides a solver manager for the BlockCG linear solver. ...
LSQRSolMgr: interface to the LSQR method.
Specializations of Belos::SolverFactory may inherit from this class to get basic SolverFactory functi...
The Belos::RCGSolMgr provides a solver manager for the RCG (Recycling Conjugate Gradient) linear solv...
The Belos::PseudoBlockGmresSolMgr provides a solver manager for the BlockGmres linear solver...
The Belos::TFQMRSolMgr provides a solver manager for the TFQMR linear solver.

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