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CellTopologyData_Permutation Struct Reference

Array of node permutations. More...

#include <Shards_CellTopologyData.h>

Public Attributes

const unsigned * node
unsigned polarity

Detailed Description

Array of node permutations.

  • required: 0 <= P < permutation_count
  • required: 0 <= I < node_count

Let ParentCell be dimension D and SubCell be dimension dim < D. Let SubCell be connected as subcell Ord with permutation P.

Then ParentCell.node(K) == SubCell.node(I) where:

  • SubCellTopology == ParentCellTopology->subcell[dim][Ord].topology
  • K = ParentCellTopology->subcell[dim][Ord].node[IP]
  • IP = SubCellTopology->permutation[P].node[I]
  • I = SubCellTopology->permutation_inverse[P].node[IP]

The permutation map for P == 0 is required to be identity.

Definition at line 194 of file Shards_CellTopologyData.h.

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