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NOX::Solver Namespace Reference

NOX nonlinear solvers namespace. More...


class  AndersonAcceleration
 Nonlinear solver based on Anderson Acceleration. More...
class  Factory
 Factory class to control the creation of solvers derived from the NOX::Solver::Generic object. More...
class  Generic
 Abstract nonlinear solver method interface. More...
class  InexactTrustRegionBased
 Newton-like solver using a trust region. More...
class  LineSearchBased
 Nonlinear solver based on a line search (i.e., damping) More...
class  SingleStep
 Light wrapper over linear solver, executes exactly one iteration. More...
class  TensorBased
 Nonlinear solver based on a rank-1 tensor method. More...
class  TrustRegionBased
 Newton-like solver using a trust region. More...
class  PseudoTransient
 Pseudo-transient solver. More...


NOX::StatusTest::CheckType parseStatusTestCheckType (Teuchos::ParameterList &solver_options_list)
 Nonmember method that returns the status test check type. More...
Teuchos::RCP< NOX::ObserverparseObserver (Teuchos::ParameterList &solver_options_list)
 Parses the "Solver Options" sublist for a user defined observer.
void validateSolverOptionsSublist (Teuchos::ParameterList &solver_options_list)
 Nonmember method that validates and sets the defaults for the "Solver Options" sublist.

Detailed Description

NOX nonlinear solvers namespace.

The Generic class spells out the interface. The Manager class can instantiate any other concrete implementation. The remaining classes are concrete implementations.

Function Documentation

NOX::StatusTest::CheckType NOX::Solver::parseStatusTestCheckType ( Teuchos::ParameterList solver_options_list)

Nonmember method that returns the status test check type.

This object parses the "Solver Options" parameter list for a
key "Status Test Check Type" of type <std::string> with
possible values:
  • "Complete"
  • "Minimal" (default)
  • "None"

These options correspond to the NOX::StatusTest::CheckType. Please follow the link for this object for more information.

Referenced by NOX::Solver::LineSearchBased::init(), NOX::Solver::AndersonAcceleration::init(), NOX::Solver::TrustRegionBased::init(), NOX::Solver::InexactTrustRegionBased::init(), and NOX::Solver::TensorBased::reset().