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Trilinos/EpetraExt: Extensions to Epetra


EpetraExt is a set of extensions to Epetra. To allow Epetra to remain focused on its primary functionality as a Linear Algebra object support, EpetraExt was created to maintain additional support for such capabilities as transformations (permutations, sub-block views, etc.), coloring support, and I/O.

Overview of EpetraExt

EpetraExt Classes

EpetraExt contains a number of classes. They can be categorized as follows:

EpetraExt Functions

EpetraExt adapters

The EpetraExt package can also optionally support adapters to various interfaces. Support for these adapters can be turned on at configure time.

Browse all of Epetraext as a single doxygen collection

You can browse all of EpetraExt as a single doxygen collection. Warning, this is not the recommended way to learn about EpetraExt software. However, this is a good way to browse the directory structure of epetraext, to locate files, etc.