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Epetra_HashTable< value_type > Class Template Reference
Inheritance diagram for Epetra_HashTable< value_type >:
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Public Member Functions

 Size_ (size)
 Seed_ (seed)
 Epetra_HashTable (const Epetra_HashTable &obj)
void Add (const long long key, const value_type value)
value_type Get (const long long key)
- Public Member Functions inherited from Epetra_Object
 Epetra_Object (int TracebackModeIn=-1, bool set_label=true)
 Epetra_Object Constructor. More...
 Epetra_Object (const char *const Label, int TracebackModeIn=-1)
 Epetra_Object Constructor. More...
 Epetra_Object (const Epetra_Object &Object)
 Epetra_Object Copy Constructor. More...
virtual ~Epetra_Object ()
 Epetra_Object Destructor. More...
virtual void Print (std::ostream &os) const
virtual int ReportError (const std::string Message, int ErrorCode) const
 Error reporting method.
virtual void SetLabel (const char *const Label)
 Epetra_Object Label definition using char *. More...
virtual const char * Label () const
 Epetra_Object Label access funtion. More...

Public Attributes

 __pad0__: Container_(NULL)

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from Epetra_Object
static void SetTracebackMode (int TracebackModeValue)
 Set the value of the Epetra_Object error traceback report mode. More...
static int GetTracebackMode ()
 Get the value of the Epetra_Object error report mode.
static std::ostream & GetTracebackStream ()
 Get the output stream for error reporting.
- Static Public Attributes inherited from Epetra_Object
static int TracebackMode
- Protected Member Functions inherited from Epetra_Object
std::string toString (const int &x) const
std::string toString (const long long &x) const
std::string toString (const double &x) const

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