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TpetraIntrepidPoissonExample Namespace Reference

Tpetra version of the Intrepid Poisson test problem example. More...

Detailed Description

Tpetra version of the Intrepid Poisson test problem example.

The Intrepid Poisson test problem uses Pamgen to construct a 3-D mesh (a simple rectangular prism with hex elements) in parallel, Sacado automatic differentiation to construct a right-hand side of the PDE corresponding to a given exact solution, and Intrepid to build a discretization.

We provide two variants of the Intrepid Poisson test: one that fills Epetra objects, and one that fills Tpetra objects. The two variants do exactly the same things otherwise, so you can use them to compare the performance of Epetra and Tpetra fill.

This namespace contains the Tpetra variant. It defines typedefs which you can use when writing a main() driver to run the test. The makeMatrixAndRightHandSide() function does all the work. You can use the exactResidualNorm() function to test correctness of the discretization. In particular, if the continuous exact solution was chosen from the space of finite element polynomials, the exact solution of the discrete linear system AX=B should match the continuous exact solution exactly, modulo rounding error when assembling the discretization.

The solveWithBelos() function solves the given linear system using a Belos iterative solver. You can provide a left and/or right preconditioner if you want.