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IntrepidPoissonExample Namespace Reference

Intrepid Poisson test problem example: common functionality. More...

Detailed Description

Intrepid Poisson test problem example: common functionality.

The Intrepid Poisson test problem uses Pamgen to construct a 3-D mesh (a simple rectangular prism with hex elements) in parallel, Sacado automatic differentiation to construct a right-hand side of the PDE corresponding to a given exact solution, and Intrepid to build a discretization.

We provide two variants of the Intrepid Poisson test: one that fills Epetra objects, and one that fills Tpetra objects. The two variants do exactly the same things otherwise, so you can use them to compare the performance of Epetra and Tpetra fill.

This namespace contains functions which both variants can share, because they do not depend on Epetra or Tpetra. You can include this file in your main() test driver in order to set up and read in command-line arguments, and prepare the Pamgen mesh specification.