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Tpetra_Details_initializeKokkos.hpp File Reference

Declaration of Tpetra::Details::initializeKokkos. More...

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 Namespace Tpetra contains the class and methods constituting the Tpetra library.
 Nonmember function that computes a residual Computes R = B - A * X.


void Tpetra::Details::initializeKokkos ()
 Initialize Kokkos, using command-line arguments (if any) given to Teuchos::GlobalMPISession. More...

Detailed Description

Declaration of Tpetra::Details::initializeKokkos.

This is an implementation detail of Tpetra. This header file and/or its contents may change or disappear at any time.

Definition in file Tpetra_Details_initializeKokkos.hpp.