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Tpetra_Core.hpp File Reference

Functions for initializing and finalizing Tpetra. More...

#include <Tpetra_ConfigDefs.hpp>
#include <Teuchos_Comm.hpp>

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class  Tpetra::ScopeGuard
 Scope guard whose destructor automatically calls Tpetra::finalize for you. More...


 Namespace Tpetra contains the class and methods constituting the Tpetra library.


Teuchos::RCP< const
Teuchos::Comm< int > > 
Tpetra::getDefaultComm ()
 Get Tpetra's default communicator. More...
bool Tpetra::isInitialized ()
 Whether Tpetra is in an initialized state. More...
void Tpetra::initialize (int *argc, char ***argv)
 Initialize Tpetra. More...
void Tpetra::initialize (int *argc, char ***argv, const Teuchos::RCP< const Teuchos::Comm< int > > &comm)
 Initialize Tpetra. More...
void Tpetra::finalize ()
 Finalize Tpetra. More...

Detailed Description

Functions for initializing and finalizing Tpetra.

This file declares functions for initializing (setting up) and finalizing (tearing down) Tpetra. All overloads of initialize() automatically initialize MPI (if Trilinos was built with MPI enabled) and Kokkos, if necessary. The finalize() function finalizes MPI (by calling MPI_Finalize) and Kokkos, if necessary.

Definition in file Tpetra_Core.hpp.