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Teuchos::ValueTypeSerializer< Ordinal, T > Class Template Reference

Serialization class for types T that use value semantics. More...

#include <Teuchos_SerializationTraits.hpp>

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template<typename Ordinal, typename T>
class Teuchos::ValueTypeSerializer< Ordinal, T >

Serialization class for types T that use value semantics.

This works similarly to SerializationTraits, except that it provides a class that can be specialized for types T to implement serialization through an object instead of a traits class. Some types need other data to help them serialize, and that data can be encapsulated into a non-static specialization of this class.

The default implementation is just given by the SerializationTraits for the type T, and thus this class will be defined for any type that defines its SerializationTraits.

Definition at line 276 of file Teuchos_SerializationTraits.hpp.

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