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Teuchos::SerializationTraits< Ordinal, long int > Class Template Reference

#include <Teuchos_SerializationTraits.hpp>

Inheritance diagram for Teuchos::SerializationTraits< Ordinal, long int >:
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Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from Teuchos::DirectSerializationTraits< Ordinal, long int >
static Ordinal fromCountToDirectBytes (const Ordinal count)
static char * convertToCharPtr (long int *ptr)
static const char * convertToCharPtr (const long int *ptr)
static Ordinal fromDirectBytesToCount (const Ordinal count)
static long int * convertFromCharPtr (char *ptr)
static const long int * convertFromCharPtr (const char *ptr)
static Ordinal fromCountToIndirectBytes (const Ordinal count, const long intbuffer[])
static void serialize (const Ordinal count, const long intbuffer[], const Ordinal bytes, char charBuffer[])
static Ordinal fromIndirectBytesToCount (const Ordinal bytes, const char charBuffer[])
static void deserialize (const Ordinal bytes, const char charBuffer[], const Ordinal count, long intbuffer[])
- Static Public Attributes inherited from Teuchos::DirectSerializationTraits< Ordinal, long int >
static const bool supportsDirectSerialization

Detailed Description

template<typename Ordinal>
class Teuchos::SerializationTraits< Ordinal, long int >

Definition at line 398 of file Teuchos_SerializationTraits.hpp.

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