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Teuchos::AnyNumberParameterEntryValidator::AcceptedTypes Class Reference

Determines the types that are accepted. More...

#include <Teuchos_StandardParameterEntryValidators.hpp>

Public Member Functions

 AcceptedTypes (bool allowAllTypesByDefault=true)
 Allow all types or not on construction. More...
AcceptedTypesallowInt (bool _allowInt)
 Set allow an int value or not. More...
AcceptedTypesallowLongLong (bool _allowLongLong)
 Set allow an long long value or not. More...
AcceptedTypesallowDouble (bool _allowDouble)
 Set allow a double value or not. More...
AcceptedTypesallowString (bool _allowString)
 Set allow an std::string value or not. More...
bool allowInt () const
 Allow an int value? More...
bool allowLongLong () const
 Allow an long long value? More...
bool allowDouble () const
 Allow an double value? More...
bool allowString () const
 Allow an std::string value? More...

Private Attributes

bool allowInt_
bool allowLongLong_
bool allowDouble_
bool allowString_

Detailed Description

Determines the types that are accepted.

Definition at line 714 of file Teuchos_StandardParameterEntryValidators.hpp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Teuchos::AnyNumberParameterEntryValidator::AcceptedTypes::AcceptedTypes ( bool  allowAllTypesByDefault = true)

Allow all types or not on construction.

Definition at line 717 of file Teuchos_StandardParameterEntryValidators.hpp.

Member Function Documentation

AcceptedTypes& Teuchos::AnyNumberParameterEntryValidator::AcceptedTypes::allowInt ( bool  _allowInt)

Set allow an int value or not.

Definition at line 724 of file Teuchos_StandardParameterEntryValidators.hpp.

AcceptedTypes& Teuchos::AnyNumberParameterEntryValidator::AcceptedTypes::allowLongLong ( bool  _allowLongLong)

Set allow an long long value or not.

Definition at line 727 of file Teuchos_StandardParameterEntryValidators.hpp.

AcceptedTypes& Teuchos::AnyNumberParameterEntryValidator::AcceptedTypes::allowDouble ( bool  _allowDouble)

Set allow a double value or not.

Definition at line 730 of file Teuchos_StandardParameterEntryValidators.hpp.

AcceptedTypes& Teuchos::AnyNumberParameterEntryValidator::AcceptedTypes::allowString ( bool  _allowString)

Set allow an std::string value or not.

Definition at line 733 of file Teuchos_StandardParameterEntryValidators.hpp.

bool Teuchos::AnyNumberParameterEntryValidator::AcceptedTypes::allowInt ( ) const

Allow an int value?

Definition at line 736 of file Teuchos_StandardParameterEntryValidators.hpp.

bool Teuchos::AnyNumberParameterEntryValidator::AcceptedTypes::allowLongLong ( ) const

Allow an long long value?

Definition at line 738 of file Teuchos_StandardParameterEntryValidators.hpp.

bool Teuchos::AnyNumberParameterEntryValidator::AcceptedTypes::allowDouble ( ) const

Allow an double value?

Definition at line 740 of file Teuchos_StandardParameterEntryValidators.hpp.

bool Teuchos::AnyNumberParameterEntryValidator::AcceptedTypes::allowString ( ) const

Allow an std::string value?

Definition at line 742 of file Teuchos_StandardParameterEntryValidators.hpp.

Member Data Documentation

bool Teuchos::AnyNumberParameterEntryValidator::AcceptedTypes::allowInt_
bool Teuchos::AnyNumberParameterEntryValidator::AcceptedTypes::allowLongLong_
bool Teuchos::AnyNumberParameterEntryValidator::AcceptedTypes::allowDouble_
bool Teuchos::AnyNumberParameterEntryValidator::AcceptedTypes::allowString_

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