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Teuchos_XMLPerfTestArchive.hpp File Reference

Tools for an XML-based performance test archive. More...

#include <Teuchos_ConfigDefs.hpp>
#include <Teuchos_FileInputSource.hpp>
#include <Teuchos_XMLObject.hpp>
#include <sstream>
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struct  Teuchos::ValueTolerance
 ValueTolerance is a struct to keep a tuple of value and a tolerance. The tolerance can be either expressed as a relative or through an upper and lower bound. More...
class  Teuchos::XMLTestNode
 Subclass of XMLObject used by the performance archive. More...




#define TEUCHOS_COMPILER_NAME   "Unknown compiler"


enum  Teuchos::PerfTestResult {
  Teuchos::PerfTestFailed, Teuchos::PerfTestPassed, Teuchos::PerfTestNewMachine, Teuchos::PerfTestNewConfiguration,
  Teuchos::PerfTestNewTest, Teuchos::PerfTestNewTestConfiguration, Teuchos::PerfTestUpdatedTest
 ReturnValues for PerfTest_CheckOrAdd_Test. More...


XMLTestNode Teuchos::PerfTest_MachineConfig ()
 PerfTest_MachineConfig generates a basic machine configuration XMLTestNode. More...
PerfTestResult Teuchos::PerfTest_CheckOrAdd_Test (XMLTestNode machine_config, XMLTestNode new_test, const std::string filename, const std::string ext_hostname=std::string())
 Check whether a test is present and match an existing test in an archive. More...

Detailed Description

Tools for an XML-based performance test archive.

Definition in file Teuchos_XMLPerfTestArchive.hpp.

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#define TEUCHOS_COMPILER_NAME   "Unknown compiler"

Definition at line 110 of file Teuchos_XMLPerfTestArchive.hpp.


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Definition at line 118 of file Teuchos_XMLPerfTestArchive.hpp.


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