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Teuchos_CTimeMonitor.h File Reference
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int Teuchos_startTimer (char timerName[], int timerID)
 Start a timer with a given name and ID. More...
void Teuchos_stopTimer (int timerID)
 Stop a timer that was started with Teuchos_startTimer(). More...

Function Documentation

int Teuchos_startTimer ( char  timerName[],
int  timerID 

Start a timer with a given name and ID.

timerName[in] Globally unique null-terminated string name of the timer. This is only significant on the first call.
timerID[in] On first call, timerID should be less than 0 On future calls, it should be what was returned by the first call.
on first call returnVal gives the ID of a newly created timer of the given globally unique name timerName. On future calls, returnVal==timerID.
You can not start the same timer more than once. You must stop a timer with Teuchos_stopTimer() before you can call this function to start it again.

Definition at line 28 of file Teuchos_CTimeMonitor.cpp.

void Teuchos_stopTimer ( int  timerID)

Stop a timer that was started with Teuchos_startTimer().

timerID[in] Must be the ID returned from a prior call to Teuchos_startTimer().


It is okay to stop a timer more than once (i.e. stop a timer that is not running). But, the timer must actually exist.

Definition at line 63 of file Teuchos_CTimeMonitor.cpp.