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Todo List
Class Rythmos::AdjointModelEvaluator< Scalar >

Add support to response function derivative source d(g)/d(x)^T.

Add support for more than one adjoint through the DefaultMultiVectorProductVector[Space] sublasses.

Add functionality to the Thyra::ModelEvaluator::OutArgs class to communicate the dependence of a function on its input arguments. We need to know the exact dependance of f(...) on x_dot, x, and t to know if this class can be used and what shortcuts can be used with it.

Member Rythmos::BasicDiscreteAdjointStepperTester< Scalar >::testAdjointStepper (Thyra::ModelEvaluator< Scalar > &adjointModel, const Ptr< IntegratorBase< Scalar > > &forwardIntegrator)
2009/09/16: above: Replace dynamic cast to get trailing interp buffer with the base integator itself. ToDo this, we will need to get DefaultIntegrator::getPoints(...) to get points off off the trailingInterpBuffer object also.
Member Rythmos::IntegrationObserverBase< Scalar >::resetIntegrationObserver (const TimeRange< Scalar > &integrationTimeDomain)=0
Add initial guess as an argument