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Rythmos : Transient Integration of Differential Equations

Rythmos is a transient integrator for ordinary differential equations and differential-algebraic equations with support for explicit, implicit, one-step and multi-step algorithms. The fundamental design of Rythmos is aimed at supporting operator-split algorithms, multi-physics applications, block linear algebra, and adjoint integration.

Time integration software

Rythmos Examples

Other Trilinos packages that Rythmos depends on

Rythmos is dependent on the following Trilinos packages:

Configuration of Rythmos

Rythmos' configure script responds to several top level Trilinos options.

The most important configuration option is:

If you want to build the examples, you need to enable several other packages including: EpetraExt, NOX, Amesos, AztecOO, IFPACK, and Stratimikos:

Contributors to the Rythmos Package

The authors of the Rythmos package, are:

And grateful acknowledgement of very helpful insight at just the right times go to: