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||oCLogicalMemorySpaceLogicalMemorySpace is a space that is identical to another space, but differentiable by name and template argument
||oCUniqueTokenClass to generate unique ids base on the required amount of concurrency
||oCUniqueToken< ExecutionSpace, UniqueTokenScope::Instance >Instance scope UniqueToken allows for a max size other than execution_space::concurrency()
||oCAcquireUniqueTokenRAII helper for per-thread unique token values
||oCAcquireTeamUniqueTokenRAII helper for per-team unique token values
||\CDynamicViewDynamic views are restricted to rank-one and no layout. Resize only occurs on host outside of parallel_regions. Subviews are not allowed
||oCMemorySpaceAccessAccess relationship between DstMemorySpace and SrcMemorySpace
||oCFunctorPolicyExecutionSpaceGiven a Functor and Execution Policy query an execution space
||oCParallelForImplementation of the ParallelFor operator that has a partial specialization for the device
||oCParallelReduceImplementation detail of parallel_reduce
||oCParallelScanImplementation detail of parallel_scan
||\CViewToDynRankViewTagAssign compatible default mappings
|oNhwlocMinimal subset of logical 'hwloc' functionality available from http://www.open-mpi.org/projects/hwloc/
|| \NImpl
||  oCValueHierarchyNode
||  oCMapTypeConverter
||  oCValueHierarchyConstructor
||  oCget_space_dimensionality
||  oCDimensionValueExtractor
||  \CGetMultidimensionalPoint
|oCArrayDerived from the C++17 'std::array'. Dropping the iterator interface
|oCcomplexPartial reimplementation of std::complex that works as the result of a Kokkos::parallel_reduce
|oCLaunchBoundsSpecify Launch Bounds for CUDA execution
|oCSpaceAccessibilityCan AccessSpace access MemorySpace ?
|oCScopeGuardScopeGuard Some user scope issues have been identified with some Kokkos::finalize calls; ScopeGuard aims to correct these issues
|oCViewView to an array of data
|oCCrsCompressed row storage array
|oCRangePolicyExecution policy for work over a range of an integral type
||\CWorkRangeSubrange for a partition's rank and size
|oCTeamPolicyExecution policy for parallel work over a league of teams of threads
|oCHostSpaceMemory management for host memory
|oCLayoutLeftMemory layout tag indicating left-to-right (Fortran scheme) striding of multi-indices
|oCLayoutRightMemory layout tag indicating right-to-left (C or lexigraphical scheme) striding of multi-indices
|oCLayoutStrideMemory layout tag indicated arbitrarily strided multi-index mapping into contiguous memory
|oCpairReplacement for std::pair that works on CUDA devices
|oCScratchMemorySpaceScratch memory space associated with an execution space
|oCTimerTime since construction
|oCViewTraitsTraits class for accessing attributes of a View
|oCBitsetA thread safe view to a bitset
|oCGraphRowViewConstView of a row of a sparse graph
|oCStaticCrsGraphCompressed row storage array
|oCUnorderedMapInsertResultFirst element of the return value of UnorderedMap::insert()
|\CUnorderedMapThread-safe, performance-portable lookup table