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TIfpack_HashTable< key_type > Class Template Reference
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Public Member Functions

 TIfpack_HashTable (const int n_keys=1031, const int n_sets=1)
double get (const key_type key)
 Returns an element from the hash table, or 0.0 if not found.
void set (const key_type key, const double value, const bool addToValue=false)
 Sets an element in the hash table.
void reset ()
 Resets the entries of the already allocated memory. This method can be used to clean an array, to be reused without additional memory allocation/deallocation.
int getNumEntries () const
 Returns the number of stored entries.
void arrayify (key_type *key_array, double *val_array)
 Converts the contents in array format for both keys and values.
void print ()
 Basic printing routine.
int getRecommendedHashSize (int n)

Detailed Description

template<typename key_type>
class TIfpack_HashTable< key_type >

Definition at line 89 of file Ifpack_HashTable.h.

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