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Ifpack_DynamicFactory Class Reference

Ifpack_DynamicFactory. More...

#include <Ifpack_DynamicFactory.h>

Public Types

typedef Ifpack_Preconditioner *(* builderFunction )(Epetra_RowMatrix *, int, bool, bool)

Public Member Functions

Ifpack_PreconditionerCreate (const std::string PrecType, Epetra_RowMatrix *Matrix, const int overlap=0, bool overrideSerialDefault=false)
 Creates an instance of Ifpack_Preconditioner given the std::string name of the preconditioner type (can fail with bad input). More...

Static Public Member Functions

static bool Initialize ()
 Initializes the static data of the Ifpac_DynamicFactory class. More...
static int RegisterPreconditioner (const std::string PrecName, builderFunction PrecBuilder)
 Register a new preconditioner with the factory. More...
static void Print (std::ostream &os=std::cout)
 Prints the current list of registered preconditioners. More...
template<typename PrecType , bool StandAlone>
static Ifpack_PreconditionerbuildPreconditioner (Epetra_RowMatrix *Matrix, int Overlap, bool Serial, bool OverrideSerialDefault)

Static Private Attributes

static std::map< std::string,
static int NumPreconditioners_ = 0
static bool Initialized_ = false

Detailed Description


TODO: write class description

Radu Popescu radu..nosp@m.pope.nosp@m.scu@e.nosp@m.pfl..nosp@m.ch

Definition at line 57 of file Ifpack_DynamicFactory.h.

Member Typedef Documentation

typedef Ifpack_Preconditioner*(* Ifpack_DynamicFactory::builderFunction)(Epetra_RowMatrix *, int, bool, bool)

Definition at line 60 of file Ifpack_DynamicFactory.h.

Member Function Documentation

Ifpack_Preconditioner * Ifpack_DynamicFactory::Create ( const std::string  PrecType,
Epetra_RowMatrix Matrix,
const int  overlap = 0,
bool  overrideSerialDefault = false 

Creates an instance of Ifpack_Preconditioner given the std::string name of the preconditioner type (can fail with bad input).

PrecType(In) - String name of preconditioner type to be created.
Matrix(In) - Matrix used to define the preconditioner
overlap(In) - specified overlap, defaulted to 0.

Returns 0 if the preconditioner with that input name does not exist. Otherwise, return a newly created preconditioner object. Note that the client is responsible for calling delete on the returned object once it is finished using it!

Definition at line 181 of file Ifpack_DynamicFactory.cpp.

bool Ifpack_DynamicFactory::Initialize ( )

Initializes the static data of the Ifpac_DynamicFactory class.

Returns true if initialization succeeded, otherwise false or FILE_NOT_FOUND

Definition at line 65 of file Ifpack_DynamicFactory.cpp.

int Ifpack_DynamicFactory::RegisterPreconditioner ( const std::string  PrecName,
Ifpack_DynamicFactory::builderFunction  PrecBuilder 

Register a new preconditioner with the factory.

PrecName- String name of the new preconditioner
PrecBuilder- function pointer to the builder function

Returns 0 if ok, otherwise 1

Definition at line 159 of file Ifpack_DynamicFactory.cpp.

void Ifpack_DynamicFactory::Print ( std::ostream &  os = std::cout)

Prints the current list of registered preconditioners.

Definition at line 171 of file Ifpack_DynamicFactory.cpp.

template<typename PrecType , bool StandAlone>
Ifpack_Preconditioner * Ifpack_DynamicFactory::buildPreconditioner ( Epetra_RowMatrix Matrix,
int  Overlap,
bool  Serial,
bool  OverrideSerialDefault 

Definition at line 122 of file Ifpack_DynamicFactory.h.

Member Data Documentation

std::map< std::string, Ifpack_DynamicFactory::builderFunction > Ifpack_DynamicFactory::PreconditionerMap_

Definition at line 114 of file Ifpack_DynamicFactory.h.

int Ifpack_DynamicFactory::NumPreconditioners_ = 0

Definition at line 115 of file Ifpack_DynamicFactory.h.

bool Ifpack_DynamicFactory::Initialized_ = false

Definition at line 116 of file Ifpack_DynamicFactory.h.

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