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EpetraExt::MultiVector_View Class Reference

Generates a sub-block view of a Epetra_MultiVector. More...

#include <EpetraExt_View_MultiVector.h>

Inheritance diagram for EpetraExt::MultiVector_View:
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Public Member Functions

 ~MultiVector_View ()
 Destructor. More...
 MultiVector_View (const Epetra_BlockMap &, const Epetra_BlockMap &new_map, const int num_vec=-1)
 Constructor. More...
NewTypeRef operator() (OriginalTypeRef orig)
 Transformation Operator. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from EpetraExt::ViewTransform< Epetra_MultiVector >
bool fwd ()
 Forward transfer of data from orig object input in the operator() method call to the new object created in this same call. More...
bool rvs ()
 Reverse transfer of data from new object created in the operator() method call to the orig object input to this same method. More...
virtual ~ViewTransform ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from EpetraExt::SameTypeTransform< Epetra_MultiVector >
virtual ~SameTypeTransform ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from EpetraExt::Transform< T, U >
virtual ~Transform ()
virtual bool analyze (OriginalTypeRef orig)
 Initial analysis phase of transform. More...
virtual NewTypeRef construct ()
 Construction of new object as a result of the transform. More...
virtual bool isConstructed ()
 Check for whether transformed object has been constructed. More...

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from EpetraExt::SameTypeTransform< Epetra_MultiVector >
typedef Epetra_MultiVector TransformType
typedef Epetra_MultiVectorTransformTypePtr
typedef Epetra_MultiVectorTransformTypeRef
- Public Types inherited from EpetraExt::Transform< T, U >
typedef T OriginalType
typedef T * OriginalTypePtr
typedef Teuchos::RCP< T > OriginalTypeRCP
typedef T & OriginalTypeRef
typedef U NewType
typedef U * NewTypePtr
typedef Teuchos::RCP< U > NewTypeRCP
typedef U & NewTypeRef
- Protected Member Functions inherited from EpetraExt::Transform< T, U >
 Transform ()
 Default constructor, protected to allow only derived classes to use. More...
- Protected Attributes inherited from EpetraExt::Transform< T, U >
OriginalTypePtr origObj_
NewTypePtr newObj_

Detailed Description

Generates a sub-block view of a Epetra_MultiVector.

Definition at line 53 of file EpetraExt_View_MultiVector.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

EpetraExt::MultiVector_View::~MultiVector_View ( )


Definition at line 50 of file EpetraExt_View_MultiVector.cpp.

EpetraExt::MultiVector_View::MultiVector_View ( const Epetra_BlockMap ,
const Epetra_BlockMap new_map,
const int  num_vec = -1 


Definition at line 66 of file EpetraExt_View_MultiVector.h.

Member Function Documentation

MultiVector_View::NewTypeRef EpetraExt::MultiVector_View::operator() ( OriginalTypeRef  orig)

Transformation Operator.

Implements EpetraExt::Transform< T, U >.

Definition at line 57 of file EpetraExt_View_MultiVector.cpp.

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