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Trilinos/ForTrilinos: Object-Oriented Fortran interface.



ForTrilinos provides modern Fortran interfaces to C++ packages in Trilinos. In keeping with the object-oriented programming philosophy of the Trilinos project, ForTrilinos leverages the object-oriented features of the Fortran 2003 standard. To provide portability, ForTrilinos extensively exploits the Fortran 2003 standard's support for interoperability with C.

Compiler support

As of release 10.8, ForTrilinos builds with IBM XL compiler suite or the Numerical Algorithms Group (NAG) Fortran compiler. Additionally, the Cray and Intel Fortran compilers nominally support all features required to build ForTrilinos and we are working toward successful builds with the Cray and Intel compilers.

Overview of ForTrilinos.

ForTrilinos contains one module for each wrapped Trilinos C++ class. Each module bears the name of the corresponding C++ class prepended with an "F" so FEpetra_Comm is the Fortran interface to the C++ Epetra_Comm class. Each ForTrilinos module contains one class (extensible derived type) bearing the same name as the corresponding C++ class.

Epetra interfaces

Epetra provides the fundamental construction routines and services function that are required for serial and parallel linear algebra libraries. Epetra provides the underlying foundation for all Trilinos solvers.

The ForTrilinos modules that wrap Epetra classes are FEpetra_BlockMap, FEpetra_Comm, FEpetra_CrsGraph, FEpetra_CrsMatrix, FEpetra_DistObject, FEpetra_Export, FEpetra_Import, FEpetra_LinearProblem, FEpetra_Map, FEpetra_MpiComm, FEpetra_MultiVector, FEpetra_OffsetIndex, FEpetra_RowMatrix, FEpetra_SerialComm, FEpetra_SrcDistObject, and FEpetra_Vector.

AztecOO interface

AztecOO is an object-oriented interface to the Aztec, a massively parallel, iterative solver library for sparse linear systems. The ForTrilinos module that wraps AztecOO is FAztecOO.

Pliris interface

Pliris is a parallel, object-oriented LU solver for double-precision, dense matrices. The ForTrilinos module that wraps Pliris is FPliris.

Galeri interface

The Galeri package easily generates Epetra_Map, Epetra_CrsMatrix and Epetra_VbrMatrix objects, providing functionality very close to MATLAB's gallery() function for creating several well-known finite difference and finite element matrices. Although the procedural infrastructure for accessing Galeri exists, safe access to Galeri from Fortran requires the object-oriented interfaces. The ForTrilinos team can assist in the development of object-oriented interfaces to Galeri upon user request.

IFPACK interface

IFPACK provides object-oriented, algebraic preconditioners for iterative solvers. IFPACK can be used as a preconditioner for AztecOO. Although the procedural infrastructure for accessing IFPACK exists, safe access to IFPACK from Fortran requires the object-oriented interfaces. The ForTrilinos team can assist in the development of object-oriented interfaces to IFPACK upon user request.

Amesos interface

Amesos is the direct sparse solver package in Trilinos. Amesos provides clean and consistent interfaces to the following third party libraries: LAPACK, UMFPACK version 4.4, TAUCS version 2.2, PARDISO version 1.2.3 (outdated), SuperLU version 4.1, SuperLU_DIST version 2.5, DSCPACK version 1.0, SCALAPACK version 1.7, and MUMPS version 4.7.3 (experimental support for version 4.9).

Although the procedural infrastructure for accessing Amesos exists, safe access to Amesos from Fortran requires the object-oriented interfaces. The ForTrilinos team can assist in the development of object-oriented interfaces to Amesos upon user request.


program main
#include "ForTrilinos_config.h"
#ifdef HAVE_MPI
  use mpi
  use FEpetra_MpiComm,only:Epetra_MpiComm
  use FEpetra_SerialComm,only:Epetra_SerialComm
  use FEpetra_Map
  use FEpetra_Vector
  use FEpetra_CrsMatrix
  use FAztecOO
  use ForTrilinos_error
  use ForTrilinos_enum_wrappers
  use iso_c_binding, only : c_int,c_double
  implicit none
#ifdef HAVE_MPI
  type(Epetra_MpiComm) :: comm
  type(Epetra_SerialComm) :: comm
  type(Epetra_Map) :: map
  type(Epetra_CrsMatrix) :: A
  type(Epetra_Vector) :: x,b
  type(AztecOO) :: Solver
  type(error) ::err
  integer(c_int), parameter :: grid_resolution=8
  integer :: rc,ierr 
  integer(c_int) :: NumGlobalElements = 8, NumMyElements, NumEntries, MaximumIter=100
  integer(c_int),dimension(:),allocatable :: MyGlobalElements, NumNonZero
  real(c_double),dimension(:),allocatable:: c
  real(c_double) :: values(2)
  real(c_double), parameter :: tolerance = 1.0E-4,three=3.0
  integer(c_int) :: MyGlobalElements_diagonal(1),i,indices(2)
  integer(c_int),parameter :: diagonal=1
  logical        :: success = .true.
#ifdef HAVE_MPI
  call MPI_INIT(ierr) 
  comm = Epetra_MpiComm(MPI_COMM_WORLD)
  comm = Epetra_SerialComm()
  map = Epetra_Map(NumGlobalElements,IndexBase,comm)
  NumMyElements = map%NumMyElements()
  MyGlobalElements = map%MyGlobalElements()
  NumNonZero = 3  ! Non zero elements per row
! Create a Epetra_Matrix
  A = Epetra_CrsMatrix(FT_Epetra_DataAccess_E_Copy,map,NumNonZero)
! Add rows one at a time
! off diagonal values will always be 1 and 1
  values(1) = 1.0
  values(2) = 1.0
  do i=1,NumMyElements
    if (MyGlobalElements(i)==1) then
      indices(1) = NumGlobalElements 
      indices(2) = 2
      NumEntries = 2
    else if(MyGlobalElements(i)==NumGlobalElements) then
      indices(1) = NumGlobalElements-1
      indices(2) = 1
      NumEntries = 2
      indices(1) = MyGlobalElements(i)-1
      indices(2) = MyGlobalElements(i)+1
      NumEntries = 2
    end if
     call A%InsertGlobalValues(MyGlobalElements(i),values,indices)
  !Put in the diaogonal entry
     call A%InsertGlobalValues(MyGlobalElements(i),[three],MyGlobalElements_diagonal)
  end do
  !Finish up
  call A%FillComplete(.true.)
  call x%Random()
  call b%PutScalar(1.0_c_double)
  call Solver%iterate(A,x,b,MaximumIter,tolerance,err)
  do i=1, NumMyElements
   if (abs((c(i)-0.2)/0.2)>tolerance) success = .false.
   print *,c(i)
   if (success) then
    print *
    print *, "End Result: TEST PASSED"
    print *
    print *, "End Result: TEST FAILED"
  end if
  call Solver%force_finalize
  call A%force_finalize
  call b%force_finalize
  call x%force_finalize 
  call map%force_finalize
  call comm%force_finalize
#ifdef HAVE_MPI
  call MPI_FINALIZE(rc)
end program