Fundamental Vector Reduction/Transformation Operator (RTOp) Interfaces  Version of the Day
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Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
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|oCReductTargetAbstract base class for all reduction objects
|oCRTOpTTemplated interface to vector reduction/transformation operators {abstract}
|oCConstSubVectorViewClass for a non-changeable sub-vector
|oCSubVectorViewClass for a changeable sub-vector
|oCConstSubMultiVectorViewClass for a non-changeable sub-multi-vector (submatrix)
|oCSubMultiVectorViewClass for a changeable sub-vector
|oCPrimitiveTypeTraitsA templated traits class for decomposing object into an array of primitive objects
|oCPrimitiveTypeTraits< Scalar, Scalar >Specialization where the scalar type is the same as the concrete object type
|\CPrimitiveTypeTraits< Scalar, index_type >Specialization for index_type concrete object