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test/VbrMatrix/cxx_main.cpp File Reference
#include "Epetra_SerialDenseMatrix.h"
#include "Epetra_Map.h"
#include "Epetra_Time.h"
#include "Epetra_Vector.h"
#include "Epetra_Flops.h"
#include "Epetra_VbrMatrix.h"
#include "Epetra_VbrRowMatrix.h"
#include "Epetra_CrsMatrix.h"
#include <vector>
#include "Epetra_MpiComm.h"
#include "mpi.h"
#include "../epetra_test_err.h"
#include "../src/Epetra_matrix_data.h"
#include "Epetra_Version.h"
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enum  ConsType {
  VariableEntriesPerRow, FixedEntriesPerRow, NoEntriesPerRow, RowMapColMap_VEPR,
  RowMapColMap_FEPR, RowMapColMap_NEPR, WithGraph, CopyConstructor


int checkValues (double x, double y, string message="", bool verbose=false)
int checkMultiVectors (Epetra_MultiVector &X, Epetra_MultiVector &Y, string message="", bool verbose=false)
int checkVbrMatrixOptimizedGraph (Epetra_Comm &comm, bool verbose)
int checkVbrRowMatrix (Epetra_RowMatrix &A, Epetra_RowMatrix &B, bool verbose)
int CompareValues (double *A, int LDA, int NumRowsA, int NumColsA, double *B, int LDB, int NumRowsB, int NumColsB)
int check (Epetra_VbrMatrix &A, int NumMyRows1, int NumGlobalRows1, int NumMyNonzeros1, int NumGlobalNonzeros1, int NumMyBlockRows1, int NumGlobalBlockRows1, int NumMyBlockNonzeros1, int NumGlobalBlockNonzeros1, int *MyGlobalElements, bool verbose)
int power_method (bool TransA, Epetra_VbrMatrix &A, Epetra_MultiVector &q, Epetra_MultiVector &z, Epetra_MultiVector &resid, double *lambda, int niters, double tolerance, bool verbose)
int checkMergeRedundantEntries (Epetra_Comm &comm, bool verbose)
int checkExtractMyRowCopy (Epetra_Comm &comm, bool verbose)
int checkMatvecSameVectors (Epetra_Comm &comm, bool verbose)
int checkEarlyDelete (Epetra_Comm &comm, bool verbose)
void ConvertVbrToCrs (Epetra_VbrMatrix *VbrIn, Epetra_CrsMatrix *&CrsOut)
int checkmultiply (bool transpose, Epetra_VbrMatrix &A, Epetra_MultiVector &X, Epetra_MultiVector &Check_Y)
int TestMatrix (Epetra_Comm &Comm, bool verbose, bool debug, int NumMyElements, int MinSize, int MaxSize, ConsType ConstructorType, bool ExtraBlocks, bool insertlocal, bool symmetric, Epetra_VbrMatrix **PreviousA)
int main (int argc, char *argv[])

Enumeration Type Documentation

enum ConsType

Definition at line 291 of file test/VbrMatrix/cxx_main.cpp.

Function Documentation

int checkValues ( double  x,
double  y,
string  message = "",
bool  verbose = false 

Definition at line 74 of file test/VbrMatrix/cxx_main.cpp.

int checkMultiVectors ( Epetra_MultiVector X,
Epetra_MultiVector Y,
string  message = "",
bool  verbose = false 

Definition at line 85 of file test/VbrMatrix/cxx_main.cpp.

int checkVbrMatrixOptimizedGraph ( Epetra_Comm comm,
bool  verbose 

Definition at line 2096 of file test/VbrMatrix/cxx_main.cpp.

int checkVbrRowMatrix ( Epetra_RowMatrix A,
Epetra_RowMatrix B,
bool  verbose 

Definition at line 2276 of file test/VbrMatrix/cxx_main.cpp.

int CompareValues ( double *  A,
int  LDA,
int  NumRowsA,
int  NumColsA,
double *  B,
int  LDB,
int  NumRowsB,
int  NumColsB 

Definition at line 1716 of file test/VbrMatrix/cxx_main.cpp.

int check ( Epetra_VbrMatrix A,
int  NumMyRows1,
int  NumGlobalRows1,
int  NumMyNonzeros1,
int  NumGlobalNonzeros1,
int  NumMyBlockRows1,
int  NumGlobalBlockRows1,
int  NumMyBlockNonzeros1,
int  NumGlobalBlockNonzeros1,
int *  MyGlobalElements,
bool  verbose 

Definition at line 1444 of file test/VbrMatrix/cxx_main.cpp.

int power_method ( bool  TransA,
Epetra_VbrMatrix A,
Epetra_MultiVector q,
Epetra_MultiVector z,
Epetra_MultiVector resid,
double *  lambda,
int  niters,
double  tolerance,
bool  verbose 

Definition at line 1412 of file test/VbrMatrix/cxx_main.cpp.

int checkMergeRedundantEntries ( Epetra_Comm comm,
bool  verbose 

Definition at line 1737 of file test/VbrMatrix/cxx_main.cpp.

int checkExtractMyRowCopy ( Epetra_Comm comm,
bool  verbose 

Definition at line 1880 of file test/VbrMatrix/cxx_main.cpp.

int checkMatvecSameVectors ( Epetra_Comm comm,
bool  verbose 

Definition at line 1973 of file test/VbrMatrix/cxx_main.cpp.

int checkEarlyDelete ( Epetra_Comm comm,
bool  verbose 

Definition at line 2031 of file test/VbrMatrix/cxx_main.cpp.

void ConvertVbrToCrs ( Epetra_VbrMatrix VbrIn,
Epetra_CrsMatrix *&  CrsOut 

Definition at line 133 of file test/VbrMatrix/cxx_main.cpp.

int checkmultiply ( bool  transpose,
Epetra_VbrMatrix A,
Epetra_MultiVector X,
Epetra_MultiVector Check_Y 

Definition at line 191 of file test/VbrMatrix/cxx_main.cpp.

int TestMatrix ( Epetra_Comm Comm,
bool  verbose,
bool  debug,
int  NumMyElements,
int  MinSize,
int  MaxSize,
ConsType  ConstructorType,
bool  ExtraBlocks,
bool  insertlocal,
bool  symmetric,
Epetra_VbrMatrix **  PreviousA 

Definition at line 295 of file test/VbrMatrix/cxx_main.cpp.

int main ( int  argc,
char *  argv[] 

Definition at line 1188 of file test/VbrMatrix/cxx_main.cpp.