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Teuchos::Ptr< T > Member List

This is the complete list of members for Teuchos::Ptr< T >, including all inherited members.

assert_not_null() const Teuchos::Ptr< T >inline
constOptInArg(T &arg)Teuchos::Ptr< T >related
constPtr(T &arg)Teuchos::Ptr< T >related
get() const Teuchos::Ptr< T >inline
getConst() const Teuchos::Ptr< T >inline
getRawPtr() const Teuchos::Ptr< T >inline
inoutArg(T &arg)Teuchos::Ptr< T >related
inOutArg(T &arg)Teuchos::Ptr< T >related
is_null() const Teuchos::Ptr< T >inline
is_null(const Ptr< T > &p)Teuchos::Ptr< T >related
nonnull(const Ptr< T > &p)Teuchos::Ptr< T >related
operator!=(const Ptr< T > &p, ENull)Teuchos::Ptr< T >related
operator!=(const Ptr< T1 > &p1, const Ptr< T2 > &p2)Teuchos::Ptr< T >related
operator*() const Teuchos::Ptr< T >inline
operator->() const Teuchos::Ptr< T >inline
operator<<(std::ostream &out, const Ptr< T > &p)Teuchos::Ptr< T >related
operator=(const Ptr< T > &ptr)Teuchos::Ptr< T >inline
operator==(const Ptr< T > &p, ENull)Teuchos::Ptr< T >related
operator==(const Ptr< T1 > &p1, const Ptr< T2 > &p2)Teuchos::Ptr< T >related
optInArg(T &arg)Teuchos::Ptr< T >related
outArg(T &arg)Teuchos::Ptr< T >related
ptr() const Teuchos::Ptr< T >inline
ptr(T *p)Teuchos::Ptr< T >related
Ptr(ENull null_in=null)Teuchos::Ptr< T >inline
Ptr(T *ptr)Teuchos::Ptr< T >inlineexplicit
Ptr(const Ptr< T > &ptr)Teuchos::Ptr< T >inline
Ptr(const Ptr< T2 > &ptr)Teuchos::Ptr< T >inline
ptr_const_cast(const Ptr< T1 > &p1)Teuchos::Ptr< T >related
ptr_dynamic_cast(const Ptr< T1 > &p1, bool throw_on_fail=false)Teuchos::Ptr< T >related
ptr_implicit_cast(const Ptr< T1 > &p1)Teuchos::Ptr< T >related
ptr_static_cast(const Ptr< T1 > &p1)Teuchos::Ptr< T >related
ptrFromRef(T &arg)Teuchos::Ptr< T >related
ptrInArg(T &arg)Teuchos::Ptr< T >related