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Teuchos_HashUtils.hpp File Reference

Utilities for generating hashcodes. More...

#include "Teuchos_ConfigDefs.hpp"

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class  Teuchos::HashUtils
 Utilities for generating hashcodes. This is not a true hash ! For all ints and types less than ints it returns the i/p typecasted as an int. For every type more than the size of int it is only slightly more smarter where it adds the bits into int size chunks and calls that an hash. Used with a capacity limited array this will lead to one of the simplest hashes. Ideally this should be deprecated and not used at all. More...


 The Teuchos namespace contains all of the classes, structs and enums used by Teuchos, as well as a number of utility routines.

Detailed Description

Utilities for generating hashcodes.

Definition in file Teuchos_HashUtils.hpp.