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Teuchos_StringIndexedOrderedValueObjectContainer.hpp File Reference
#include "Teuchos_Array.hpp"
#include "Teuchos_FilteredIterator.hpp"
#include <deque>
#include <map>
#include <string>
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class  Teuchos::StringIndexedOrderedValueObjectContainerBase
 Base types for StringIndexedOrderedValueObjectContainer. More...
class  Teuchos::StringIndexedOrderedValueObjectContainerBase::OrdinalIndex
 A safe ordinal index type that default initializes to a special value. More...
class  Teuchos::StringIndexedOrderedValueObjectContainerBase::KeyObjectPair< ObjType >
 A simple aggregate type to bind a key string and and objects value. More...
class  Teuchos::StringIndexedOrderedValueObjectContainerBase::SelectActive< ObjType >
 Predicate for selecting active object entries in filtered iterator. More...
class  Teuchos::StringIndexedOrderedValueObjectContainerBase::InvalidOrdinalIndexError
 Thrown if an invalid ordinal index is passed in. More...
class  Teuchos::StringIndexedOrderedValueObjectContainerBase::InvalidKeyError
 Thrown if an invalid string is passed in. More...
class  Teuchos::StringIndexedOrderedValueObjectContainer< ObjType >
 String indexed ordered value-type object container class. More...