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Teuchos_BLAS_types.hpp File Reference

Enumerated types for BLAS input characters. More...

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enum  Teuchos::ESide { Teuchos::LEFT_SIDE, Teuchos::RIGHT_SIDE }
enum  Teuchos::ETransp { Teuchos::NO_TRANS, Teuchos::TRANS, Teuchos::CONJ_TRANS }
enum  Teuchos::EUplo { Teuchos::UPPER_TRI, Teuchos::LOWER_TRI, Teuchos::UNDEF_TRI }
enum  Teuchos::EDiag { Teuchos::UNIT_DIAG, Teuchos::NON_UNIT_DIAG }
enum  Teuchos::EType {
  Teuchos::FULL, Teuchos::LOWER, Teuchos::UPPER, Teuchos::HESSENBERG,
  Teuchos::SYM_BAND_L, Teuchos::SYM_BAND_U, Teuchos::BAND

Detailed Description

Enumerated types for BLAS input characters.

Definition in file Teuchos_BLAS_types.hpp.