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Epetra_test_functions.h File Reference
#include "Epetra_ConfigDefs.h"
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bool epetra_test::global_check_for_flag_on_proc_0 (const char *flag, int numargs, char **strargs, const Epetra_Comm &comm)
 Check through a list of C-style string arguments searching for a specified flag on proc 0. More...
Epetra_Commepetra_test::create_comm (int argc, char **argv)
 If macro EPETRA_MPI is defined, call MPI_Init and then return new Epetra_MpiComm. More...
bool epetra_test::compare_matrices (const Epetra_CrsMatrix &A, const Epetra_CrsMatrix &B)
 Check whether the two CrsMatrix arguments have the same size, structure and coefs. More...